WordPress website design

Kent Webs can provide your business with professional WordPress website design services, if you require a high quality website that can carry out different functions and also be found online easily using SEO then WordPress is a great option for your business.

Kent Webs would highly recommend WordPress for any business that wants to rank well online for the products or services they provide. Not only can WordPress enable website designers to produce highly customised bespoke website designs, it has many plugins and other integrations that allow businesses to have an online platform that can act a marketing tool and CRM system.

WordPress is a great option for small business on a low budget who don't require much SEO on their website

Why choose WordPress?

If you’re thinking of using WordPress then it’s important to consider what you want out of a website. If you require a powerful online marketing machine that is capable to generating regular leads for your business and managing all of your leads then WordPress is an excellent option. WordPress has many plugins and integrations that automate many time consuming processes.

WordPress website design features

WordPress has many different features that make it a popular option for small businesses looking for a website that is capable of many different customisations, that can rank online easily and that is able to provide unique website designs.

Basic coding

Although you can pay for design plugins on WordPress that can provide drag and drop design functionality, it's advantageous to have basic coding experience in order to get the most out of WordPress. Most of the coding required can be learned in a short period of time compared to other website design platforms.


Wordpress has thousands of plugins that allow you to add extra functionality to your website, plugins are one of the main features on WordPress that make it such a powerful platform capable of so many different customisations. The fact you're able to choose various plugins is a game changer when it comes to customising your site.

Powerful SEO

Wordpress is one of the best website design platforms when it comes to SEO and ranking your website on the first page on Google. WordPress is built to maximise SEO potential and it also has many plugins that can help you with your websites SEO, if you require WordPress for marketing purposes, then it's the ideal choice.


Wordpress has several plugins that provide a high level of CMS and CRM functionality to your website, meaning you can use WordPress as a client acquisition and client management tool, this can streamline your marketing and management processes, saving your business time and money in the long run.

Great Support

Wordpress is a popular website design platform used my millions of businesses worldwide. There are several platforms including WordPress itself that provide extremely detailed support for businesses in Kent that require easy access to free, reliable support for their WordPress website maintenance and management.

Bespoke Designs

Wordpress allows website designers to create highly customisable bespoke website designs. There are many different website design options when it comes to choosing a professional WordPress website for your business. WordPress had various integrations and plugins that allow designers to create bespoke designs.

Full Backend and Frontend Control

Using WordPress gives you fill control over all aspects of your website design and development process, this is very beneficial for long term management and scaling your website to add extra functionality or fix and issues that may arise when using your website.

Custom API Integration

Wordpress is excellent if you need to integrate custom APIs into your website, custom API integration allows you to add more functionality to your website which can give you a competitive advantage over your competitors offering the same service.

Frequently updated features

Wordpress is updated on a regular basis giving you a great advantage over your competitors who use other platforms that don't provide updates on a regular basis. Regular updates reduces the chance of any website issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress is a website design platform used by millions of businesses around the world to design their website, it’s multifunctional and allows you have a wide range of different website designs.

WordPress is widely used so there’s a lot of information available to solve simple or complex issues you may face when using WordPress. WordPress also has many plugins that help simplify time consuming website design and development processes.

WordPress is the best   platform for achieving the best SEO results.

There are no limitations when it comes to using WordPress, if you’re looking for more fluid Figma style designs then we’d recommend using Figma or Webflow.

The cost of a WordPress web design will depend on your specific requirements. 

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