Wix website design

Kent Webs can provide your business with professional Wix website design services, if you have a low budget but still require a professional website to properly represent your business then using Wix may be advantageous for you due to it’s easy navigation and low cost. 

Wix can be useful for a business just starting out, it’s SEO and custom features are very limited due to the platform but it’s a good low cost solution for small business that need a basic website set up quickly with few features. If you’re trying to rank your business on the first page of Google we wouldn’t recommend Wix due to the various limitations you’re unable to control, our experts can provide you with free impartial advice on what is the best web design platform to use for your project.

Wix is a great option for small business on a low budget who don't require much SEO on their website

Why choose Wix?

If you’re thinking of using Wix then consider what you’re trying to ahcieve from your website, do you need more leads or simply a website that will look good online but not generate many customers. If you want to manage your website by yourself then this would be a great option for you.

Wix website design features

Wix has many different features that make it a popular option for small businesses looking for cheap web design services. If you’re considering using Wix then have a look at some of the different features that Wix offers and if they would work with your business model.

No coding

Wix doesn't require any coding, this makes it very popular for startups on a low budget who want to manage their website once it's complete. The drag and drop website builder is ideal if you're designing your own website or require low cost web design services. Some Wix website designers aren't always cheap so don't chooser this option just because you want the cheapest rate.

Pre-built blocks

Wix has a wide range of pre-built website blocks that speeds up the web design process, allowing you to design a website quickly. The only issue is that there are a limited number of blocks and customisations for these blacks meaning that you won't be able to have a bespoke website design due to the limitations in the block editor that Wix uses to design the pages on your website.

Low cost

Wix is cheap compared to other website design platforms, you pay a fixed free of £20 per month for a business website package. If you're just starting out and want to keep your monthly outgoing to the absolute minimum then using this option instead of WordPress may be better for you. The will have less control over custom features and SOE due to using Wix.


Wix has a relatively good CMS and CRM system which allows you to streamlines and automate the process of communicating with your customers. If you have no understanding of these systems but still want to maintain a good customer relationship then this would be a good option for you.

SEO Support

Wix does have some basic SEO support and SEO features on it's platform, these features are very limited and you will not be able to control a large amount of your SEO. Wix websites therefore rely on external SEO services to be able to rank their website on the first page of Google for their products or services.

Payment facility

Wix allows you to take payments from customers online and neatly puts these payments onto a database that is easy to view and manage. If you're selling products or offering services where you need to take online payments this can be very beneficial for your business. Ask our experts about how this works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wix is a popular website design platform used by many business owners around the world, it has several integrations that make it popular for people on a low budget. 

Wix has many integrations and offers a one stop shop solutions for businesses that want to keep all their CMS and CRM under one banner.

Wix has SEO features but doesn’t provide strong SEO results compared to other web design platforms 

You can’t control the backend of your website or several customisations on your website.

This will depend on your specific requirements.

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