Webflow website design

Kent Webs can provide your business with professional Webflow website design services, if you require a high quality website with Figma like designs that’s relatively low maintenance then Webflow may be the right option for your business in Kent.

Kent Webs would highly recommend Webflow for any business that wants to have a unique website design with an excellent CMS integrated into the design of the website. Webflow offers a range of different design features making it ideal for any business that wants. bespoke website design.

Webflow is a great option for small businesses who want a bespoke, Figma like design for their business

Why choose Webflow?

If you’re thinking of using Webflow then it’s important to consider what you want out of a website. If you require a highly bespoke website design that is similar to Figma and a robust CMS then Webflow may be perfect for your business, although Webflow has some SEO features, they are limited compared to other web design platforms such as WordPress. Learn more about if Webflow is a good option for your website and how we can assist you with your website design project today.

Webflow website design features

Webflow has many different features that make it a popular option for small businesses looking for a website that is capable of many different customisations, that can rank online easily and that is able to provide unique website designs.

No coding

Webflow provides a robust website design platform that allows website designers to create highly customisable Figma like website designs for their business. Webflow has an excellent CMS system that allows you to seamless integrate your content with your website. No coding is required for any design work.

Drag and Drop

The drag and drop design functionality offered by Webflow is very advantageous as the designs provided are more interactive and complex than the designs provided by other website design platforms such as Wix, Webflow allows you to create these designs much quicker than using other website design platforms.

SEO Features

Webflow has various SEO features integrated into it's platform that allow users to perform basic SEO tasks and ensure their on-page SEO is performing at a good standard. The SEO on this platform is not as powerful as WordPress however it still ranks well compared to other web design platforms such as Wix.

Figma like designs

Webflow allows it's users to create Figma like website designs that can helo it stand out from other websites that may not provide as many design options when it comes to creating a bespoke website. If design and layout is very important for you then Webflow is. good option for creating custom designs.

Great Support

Webflow is a popular website design platform used my millions of businesses worldwide. There are several platforms including Webflow itself that provide extremely detailed support for businesses in Kent that require easy access to free, reliable support for their Webflow website maintenance and management.


Webflow has several inegrations that provide a high level of CMS functionality to your website, meaning you can use Webflow as a content management tool, this can streamline your content management processes, saving your business time and money in the long run on hiring someone to manage your website content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Webflow is a website design platform that allows you to create website with Figma like designs.

Webflow allows users to create professional websites without the use of code, saving time and money.

Webflow has good SEO features that can be used to help your website rank on Google.

Webflow has a large volume of paid templates giving your more customisations but you can only get these extra features by paying more money.

This will depend on your requirements.

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